10+ Scholarships in Europe for Non-EU International Students

The governments of EU/EEA member nations and a number of universities in Europe offer tuition fee waivers or scholarship programs for non-EU international students. This is done in an effort to entice students to study in Europe from outside of Europe. has compiled a list of the top 10 scholarships available in Europe to students who are not citizens of that region.



European Government Scholarships for Non-EU Students


Holland Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students (Netherlands): Students from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who wish to pursue their bachelor’s or master’s degrees at one of the Dutch research universities or universities of applied sciences in Holland are eligible for the Holland Scholarship, which is provided by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and is funded by the Dutch government. The sum of the scholarship is 5,000 Euros.


Danish Government Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students (Denmark): It is the policy of the Danish Ministry of Education to make available, on an annual basis, a number of scholarships to international students who are highly qualified and highly motivated and who come from a country that is not a member of the EU or the EEA and who want to pursue full degree higher education programs at participating Danish Universities. The scholarship may take the form of a fee waiver for all or part of the recipient’s tuition costs, as well as grants to help cover living expenses.

European University Scholarships for Non-EU Students

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands): The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Programme (LExS) is available to exceptional students from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area who are enrolled in one of Leiden University’s Master of Arts, Master of Science, or Master of Laws degree programs. The scholarships are awarded in the following ways: a reduction of the tuition charge by €10,000, a reduction of the tuition fee by €15,000, or a reduction of the total tuition fee less the home fee.

University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships (Netherlands): Maastricht University (UM) is pleased to offer the UM High Potential Scholarships to academically gifted students who are not citizens of an EEA country and who intend to enroll in a participating UM master’s program or graduate program for professionals offered by the University (with the exception of the School of Business and Economics). The scholarship money will cover the cost of tuition, as well as monthly living expenses, insurance, and visa fees.


Radboud University Scholarship Programme (Netherlands): The Radboud Scholarship Program gives a chosen number of exceptionally brilliant students from outside the EEA the opportunity to earn a scholarship to attend Radboud University Nijmegen and participate in a full Master’s degree program that is taught in English. The tuition charge will be waived to the amount as it would be for an EEA student under the terms of the scholarship, which consists of a partial tuition waiver. In addition, the Radboud Scholarship will pay for your visa, your residence permit, your health insurance, and your liability insurance.

Lund University Global Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students (Sweden): Students who are citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA (including Switzerland) and who are enrolled in a Masters Degree Program at the University are eligible for consideration for the Lund University Global Scholarship program. There is a possibility that the scholarships will cover 25%, 50%, 75%, or even 100% of the whole tuition cost. The expense of living is not covered by this.

Chalmers IPOET Scholarships (Sweden): Around fifty IPOET scholarships will be made available to potential fee-paying students from countries outside the EU/EEA who intend to enroll in any of the master’s degree programs that will be made available by the University of Chalmers. Because of the scholarship, the student will have their tuition reduced by 75% for a total of 4 semesters (2 year programme).

Uppsala University Global Scholarships (Sweden): The Uppsala University Global Scholarships are available to first-year students from countries that are not members of the EU or the EEA and who intend to enroll in one of the Master’s Degree Programs that are provided by the Uppsala University. The scholarship will pay for the student’s tuition.

KTH Scholarships (Sweden): Applicants to a Master’s program at KTH who are required to pay tuition fees and who are nationals of a country that is not a member of the European Union, the European Economic Area, or the European Free Trade Association will be eligible for one of a limited number of tuition fee waivers. In the event that you are selected to get a scholarship, you will not be required to pay any tuition for the duration of the program.

Emile Boutmy Scholarships for International Students (France): The Emile Boutmy Scholarships were established by Sciences Po in honor of the institution’s founder in order to recruit the very best first-time applicants from countries outside of the European Union who have been accepted to either an undergraduate or master’s degree program that is provided by the university. The scholarships can take a variety of forms and range in value from €5,000 to €10,000 for a period of 2 years spent pursuing postgraduate education or €3,000 to €12,300 for a period of 3 years spent pursuing undergraduate education.

University of Oulu International Scholarships (Finland): Students from other countries who are pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at the University of Oulu and have demonstrated exceptional academic ability may apply for a scholarship through the University of Oulu International Scholarship Scheme. The scholarships will be awarded in the form of a tuition fee waiver that will cover either fifty percent, seventy-five percent, or one hundred percent of the total tuition charge.



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