Boren Scholarship for USA Students to Study Abroad

Boren Scholarship

The Boren Awards, funded by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO), support US undergraduates. Also, graduate students study, research, and learn languages in regions that serve the US interests. In this article, you’ll learn about the eligibility, rewards, and deadlines of the Boren Scholarship. – Ensure to apply early. Scholarship Deadline: January … Read more

British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM 2024

Women in STEM

Women in STEM scholarships are for students studying science, technology, engineering, and math. Some are for any STEM student, while others need specific qualifications. Women tend to shy away from STEM because there’s a stereotype that such studies are for men. Well, that’s about to change for good. The British Council has set up the … Read more

What Scholarships are Offered by the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) in 2024

National Eagle Scout Association

This article covers what you should know about the available scholarships at the National Eagle Scout Association [NESA]. NESA helps Eagle Scouts succeed, celebrates Scouting’s values, and helps them pass on these traditions to the next generation. NESA members are important because they help create leaders who follow the Scout Oath and Law and become … Read more

How to Enroll in the National Merit Scholarship in 2024

National merit scholarship program

The National Merit Scholarship Program is a contest in the United States that gives recognition and university scholarships. It’s managed by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), a non-profit group in Evanston, Illinois. This program started in 1955. If you’re in 11th grade or a parent of someone in 11th grade, then this opportunity might just … Read more

Orange Knowledge Programme OKP in the Netherlands UPdate 2024


The OKP Scholarship is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It helps people from certain countries study. These countries are listed in full at the ending part of this article. Scholarship Overview: The Orange Knowledge Programme helps people and groups get better at higher education and job training. It also helps with other … Read more

Top 5 Ongoing Summer Scholarships for International Students Abroad

ongoing summer scholarships

As you’re getting ready for a summer of fun and relaxation, it’s also a good time to start thinking about ongoing summer scholarships. Scholarships can be competitive, and it takes time to find and apply for them. If you’re interested in getting scholarships for summer classes, it’s smart to start planning early. Here are our … Read more

The Ron Brown Scholar Program

The Ron Brown Scholar Program stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering invaluable support and resources to high-achieving, service-minded students from diverse backgrounds across the United States. Established in 1996 in honor of Ronald H. Brown, the first African American Secretary of Commerce, this prestigious scholarship program seeks to empower young leaders who demonstrate academic … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Landing a Job as a Market Research Analyst

With companies relying on data-driven insights to make informed decisions and stay competitive, the demand for skilled professionals in market research analysis is on the rise. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a market research analyst in the USA, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to secure a coveted position in this dynamic … Read more

A Guide to Landing a Job as an Information Software Developer

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the role of information software developers is more crucial than ever. With the increasing demand for skilled professionals who can design, develop, and maintain software applications that handle vast amounts of data efficiently, pursuing a career as an information software developer offers abundant opportunities for growth and advancement. If you’re … Read more