Lendkey Student Loan Refinance

About LendKey Student Loan

Lendkey Student Loan Refinance: LendKey, formerly known as Fynanz Inc., was established in the year 2007 in the city of New York. LendKey is able to take on the job of loan servicer by virtue of its cloud-based tools and infrastructure, which make it possible for credit unions and community financial institutions to make loans available to borrowers. Since the company’s inception, LendKey has provided funding for more than $4 billion worth of home repair loans, private school loans, and refinances of existing student loans.

LendKey is a service that connects prospective borrowers with prominent credit unions and community banks that offer private student loans.


Lendkey Student Loan In a Nutshell

The student borrowers who use the digital platform provided by LendKey are matched with private student loan offers made by credit unions and community banks. LendKey will use the information you supply about yourself, your co-signer, and your enrolment to determine which of its partners offers the most competitive interest rates. Because LendKey automates a significant portion of the loan procedure, its collaborating lenders are able to pass along the savings to you.

Lendkey Student Loan pros and cons


  • Lenders compete to offer best rates
  • LendKey handles everything on behalf of the lender
  • Flexible repayment terms and options


  • No international students
  • Excludes some top student lending companies

LendKey Student Loan at a Glance

Loan types: Undergraduate, graduate, law/MBA/medical/dental, parent


APRs: Variable APRs start from 1.74%, Fixed APRs start from 4.24%

Repayment terms: Varies

Loan amount: Varies


Origination fees: Varies

LendKey Student Loan Interest Rates and Fees

The partners of LendKey provide borrowers with the option of selecting either variable or fixed interest rates, with the specific rates varied from lender to loan. Loans with variable interest rates begin at 1.74%, whereas loans with fixed interest rates begin at 4.24%. The majority of LendKey’s partners provide an automatic rate savings of 0.25% for customers who make monthly payments through autopay.

When you apply for a private student loan with LendKey, neither the application nor the origination costs are required to be paid.

LendKey Student Loan Repayment Options

Repayment terms vary from partner, most commonly ranging from 5-15 years.

Some, but not all, partners offer flexible repayment options while in school. These may include:

  • Full principal & interest payment. Start repaying your principal and interest right away to lower the overall cost of your loan.
  • Interest-only payment. Pay the interest charges each month as you go during school for a balance between moderate in-school payments and moderate overall costs.
  • Flat payment. Make a $25 payment each month during school to reduce your accrued interest.
  • Deferred payment. Defer your payment until after graduation, taking the pressure of during school but increasing the overall cost of your loan.

LendKey Student Loan Discounts and Rewards

Discounts and rewards vary from partner to partner.

LendKey Student Loan Application Process

It is recommended by LendKey that applications be submitted at least one month before the day on which the funds are due, or earlier. After an initial review of your loan application and credit report, it is possible that you will be granted conditional approval for a loan fairly quickly. However, prior to receiving final approval, you may be required to provide additional supporting documentation, such as proof of income or identification. Your loan must also be certified by your school, which may add some additional time to the process of applying for it. In most cases, the certification and processing of loans takes fewer than 30 days.

Students who are enrolled at an approved institution for at least half time in a degree-granting program are eligible to submit an application to LendKey. Because this is a credit-based application, a co-signer may be required from you in the event that you do not have a proven credit history as well as a consistent source of income. To be eligible to apply, a person must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, and they must also be at least the legal age of majority in the state in which they now reside.

LendKey Student Loan Co-Signer Options

All LendKey partners accept co-signers. The significance of having a co-signer varies greatly depending on who your business partner is. Bringing a creditworthy co-signer with you to apply for a private student loan should, as a general rule, increase your chances of being approved for the loan, and it may also reduce the interest rate.

Customer Service

Your loan will technically be originated by one of LendKey’s partners; nevertheless, LendKey will be responsible for all servicing of the loan. This indicates that it will take care of the billing and any other services on behalf of your lender, without charging you any additional fees for doing so. Call 888-966-9268 or send an email to to get in touch with the loan servicing department at LendKey if you have any questions.


It is impossible for an individual to compare all of the available private student loans on their own because there are so many credit unions and community banks that offer them. LendKey, thankfully, allows you to evaluate the finest deals from a broad network of credit unions and community banks. They handle the entire process, from having your application approved to servicing the loan once it has been approved.


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