How to Make the Best Body Pillows Selections

Asking sleep professionals can help you find the best body pillows. Body pillows are especially designed to raise your comfort level while you sleep. Although there isn’t much information available on body pillows, users commonly report lessened back, hip, and knee pain. Body pillows are widely used by pregnant people because they support the hips and tummy.

A body pillow is what?


Body pillows often come in enormous sizes that extend the entire length of your body, but they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes that provide different types of support.

Some people discover that body pillows reduce the strain on their joints, resulting in less body throbbing discomfort. Body pillows can also aid with spinal alignment and make it easier for people who are recovering from surgery or who are experiencing back pain to fall asleep.


People who sleep on their sides or who are pregnant frequently find comfort by putting a body cushion between their legs. People can sleep better and awaken with less pain if they choose a pillow that provides genuine support and encourages correct posture.

The greatest methods for picking body pillows

The pillows on this list were chosen after reading a large number of customer reviews of various retailers.


We only chose pillows that are made with safe, nontoxic materials by reputable manufacturers. We considered past customer service experiences, profit simplicity, and product guarantees.

We also selected pillows with washable covers. They are easier to clean than other options because of this.

pricing manual

The price of body pillows varies, and they are frequently routinely discounted. Some are far more expensive than others, yet some inexpensive pillows offer nearly similar comfort to more expensive models.

The type of fill and cover material chosen determine the price of a body pillow, which is not fixed.

Picks from Healthline for the top body pillows

Best body pillow with adjustable height

Sleepsia Full Body Pillow

body cushion

54 x 20 x 6 inches in size

Considerations: Some customers find it difficult to adjust the pillow’s fill level to suit their degree of comfort. Others claim that they became hot when using this whole body cushion.

Important information: To keep the hips, legs, and spine in proper alignment, side sleepers should embrace this full body pillow. The fill is froth that has been CertiPUR-US certified, impregnated with gel, and has a center core of shredded memory foam. Changes in fill volume give you control over levelness and solidity. Gooey rayon made from bamboo and polyester makes up the casing.

Who should make use of a body pillow?

Adding a body cushion to your evening routine is a fantastic addition if you’re pregnant. There are various pregnancy-specific body pillows available that provide support as your tummy grows.

Finding a firm cushion can be the key to having a good night’s rest because getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging for pregnant women. Body pillows are designed to help relieve back and hip pain. They aid in side sleeping and aid in the growth of dispersion.

However, a body pillow might still be beneficial to you even if you are not pregnant. A body pillow can provide additional support that side sleepers and people with back pain may find useful. For people dealing with various forms of persistent pain, it can also be a good choice.

A body pillow can be used to prop you up or simply provide a comfortable surface to curl up against.

How to find a body cushion in stores

There are many different types of body pillows available. This is what you should think about when limiting things.

slumber position

Side sleeping is supported by body pillows. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, back, or combination of these positions, look for a body pillow with removable fill so you may adjust the firmness.


Choose a body pillow that complements your level well. If you’re not particularly tall, you might discover that a smaller cushion works best for you. However, if you’re tall, you’ll want to look for an extended pillow to provide full-body support.

You should also pay attention to the level and width of the pillows. While larger pillows will help you feel more comfortable, they generally won’t be as comfortable if you want to be able to cross your arms and legs over them.

Filling substance

The pillow’s durability over time will be greatly influenced by its filling. It may also determine how breathable the pillow is.

Pillows filled with air, polyester, memory foam, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, are all available. Keep in mind that some substances, such as foam, may include synthetic components and smell right away.


The thickness of body pillows varies, just like that of any cushion. If you need huggability while sleeping or relaxing, go with a softer, more malleable option. Make a firmer decision if you need further assistance.

Easy to clean

Some body pillows come with washable, detachable covers, which makes cleaning them easier.

likeness to a bed’s space

Body pillows take up space. Especially if you sleep with a partner, compare the pillow’s measurements to the size of your bed.


Body pillows might be awkward because they are bigger than regular pillows. To determine how easy it will be to move the cushion, take into account the total burden in relation to the size.


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