Credible Private Student Loans – Best Rate Guarantee

Credible Private Student Loans – Best Rate Guarantee: If you are unable to find the best private student loan rate for yourself, credible private student loans will provide you with a gift card worth $200.

Credible Student Loan Application Process

1. Fill out a simple form

Answer a few basic questions. Credible staff will perform the necessary calculations in order to compare the terms offered by a variety of lenders.



Many students will need a cosigner if they don’t have a credit history. Students who add a cosigner are 3x more likely to qualify for a loan.


2. Select the loan that works best for you

When you come to Credible, they will assist you in selecting the loan that best meets your requirements. Pick from a number of different rates and payment schedules. Either start making payments while you’re still in school or wait till after you finish.

3. Finalize your loan

Finish up with the lender of your choice. After you have uploaded the required documents and signed the loan agreement, the cash will be transferred to your chosen educational institution.

Why Choose Credible Student loan?

1. Free to use

Credible’s customer support is always available to assist you, and the service itself is completely free to use.


2. No origination fees

They make sure that their business partners do not tack on any origination fees to the loans they provide.

3. No prepayment penalties

If you would prefer to pay off your loans sooner, you won’t be subject to any prepayment penalties.

How Credible Student Loan works

When you apply for private student loans through Credible’s website and work with a lender to secure financing, Credible wants you to know that you will have access to the industry’s most competitive interest rate for such loans. This offer is for students who are interested in obtaining private student loans to meet their ongoing educational costs and is currently being offered.

Important Facts

These are some of the more significant facts that you should be aware of, but be sure to read the complete Terms and Conditions that can be found below to ensure that you fully comprehend and comply with the requirements of this Promotion.

How To Make a Claim

Please take a few moments to fill out the claim form for the Best Rate Guarantee. After it has been received, Credible will immediately start processing your claim.

What is the difference between federal student loans and private student loans?

Federal student loans are funded by the federal government while private student loans are offered by private lenders. Here are several important points to keep in mind as you compare them:

Federal student loans Private student loans
Interest rates 3.73% – 6.28%*
(depending on loan type)
Fixed rates from (APR):3.65%+
Variable rates from (APR):3.24%+
(Private lenders on Credible)
Offers subsidized loans Yes No
Loan forgiveness Yes No
Option to change repayment plan or defer payments Yes No
Requires FAFSA Yes No
Requires cosigner Typically no
(unless applying for a PLUS loan with adverse credit)
(but might increase chances of qualifying)
Requires credit check Only for PLUS loans Yes

What are private student loans?

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, as well as online lenders, are examples of private lenders that offer student loans. It is possible to use private loans to pay for education costs and living expenses, both of which may not be covered by the federal education loans that you apply for. Your current financial situation, your credit history, and the lender that you choose can all have an impact on the interest rates and terms that are offered for private student loans.

How can you use private student loans?

You may be able to pay for education-related costs as well as living expenses with private student loans, even if these costs may not be covered by the federal student loans you receive. Some examples of their use are:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Room and board
  • Housing Utilities
  • Meals and groceries
  • Books
  • Supplies
  • A personal computer you’ll use for school
  • Dependant childcare expenses

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