Frances Larkin Mccommon Scholarship – For U.S. and non-U.S. citizens

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Frances Larkin Mccommon Scholarship – is offered by the Savannah College of Art and design  Atlanta, GA USA. This scholarship is offered to incoming international freshmen. Scholarship recipients are expected to represent and showcase the image of SCAD  in a good way. They are also expected to be positive leaders at SCAD, excelling academically and … Read more

Tommy Nunez Foundation Scholarship-Application Process

Tommy Nunez Foundation Scholarship and Youth Activities Foundation has been supporting and funding youth events and scholarships for many years. The foundation have many sponsors and friends that have generously contributed over the years. Because of their contributions, the foundation was able to provide scholarships worth thousands of dollars every year. They have also sponsored … Read more

Dave Hefner Scholarship- USA, Apply Now

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Dave Hefner Scholarship-Mr. William J. Hefner, in collaboration with students from North Side High School, came  together to establish the Hafner scholarship in 1974 as a remembrance to his son, Dave, who was a student at North Side High School. Dave Hafner Foundation is a non governmental Organization and  a non-profit organization. The Dave Hafner … Read more

The Robert Carter Scholarship-Work and study Scholarship, Apply Here

The Robert Carter Scholarship-The Robert Carter Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Scholarship was introduced to honors Robert Carter, CCIM, for his remarkable contributions and dedication to the service of the ¬†Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Institute and its chapters. The Robert Carter Scholarship was introduced in March 2017 by the management of the ¬†Certified Commercial … Read more

Westbank Library Student Scholarship-Apply Here

Westbank Library Student Scholarship-The west bank Library was founded by a group of dedicated library supporters in 1985 as a 501c3 non-profit organization. Since then, the Westbank group has¬† raised enough cash to buy: The Mark Twain Statue The Backyard Dragon The Giving Tree And the Bubble Machines As well as to provide scholarships to … Read more