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Travel and have fun too. Because life is shorter than we even think.

In the last 2 years or so, a lot of young Africans have had the opportunity to relocate to the West—be it the U.K., USA, Canada or Australia in search for better life opportunities.

I am a proponent of not vegetating at one little corner of the world and suffering—when you can relocate to a better place with amazing standards of living.

While the mass exodus of these Africans to the West is great, I have seen a lot of them repeating the same mistakes or carving the same insane lifestyle their predecessors weaved.

A lot of the new comers are seeing themselves or living like donkeys. They are just working and working—some are working about 6 days a week (12 hours a day).

First of all, no one became really rich or great by working like a donkey. It’s an abuse in civilised societies to treat donkeys even the way some of you are treating yourselves.

Secondly, a lot of these people think their future or tomorrow is certain. I have heard many talk as if they are immortals—postponing daily living to the future—saying things like, I will work hard for 2 or 5 years and save all the money I can and then I will start to relax later.

This is foolish on many fronts. What if you die a year from today? It means, you never really lived—you were just hoping to live.

Each day counts towards your existence. No day is important than the other when it comes to living. So why fail to live today, on the false assumption that some future is guaranteed for you where you will live.

And to the young women who have relocated. Please, take care of yourselves. Spend some good money on your hair, nails, body and clothing—just like you used to do back home.

Spend some of the money you are earning on yourselves and enjoy life in your new country.

Men in the West may not buy you things or take care of your hair, nails and stuff like it was done in Africa. Everyone is calculating their coins. But there is a reason why these countries offer a fair opportunity to women—use some of your own money to take care of yourself.

Don’t think about buying lands or building houses back home or don’t send all your money to the people back home yet. This is where you live now or will live for the next couple of years—so get comfortable here first before anywhere you are not currently present.

Importantly, don’t be stuck on your entry level jobs or careers. While you are earning £12 or $25 an hour, others are earning £150 or £290 per hour in different jobs or with different skills set. Why can’t you also switch up?

The West is both a land of opportunity and misery—be wise about your daily decisions and don’t be caught in the rat-race. Focus on streamlining your life—to live a simple but meaningful and happy life.

Don’t work to burn yourself to death or sickness. And don’t live to impress anyone here because no one really cares—eventually you will end up stupid in debt or with no real assets.

The West is not a place for just greener pastures, it is also a place of many ideas—so explore various conceptions and embrace those that work for the unique life you want to live.

Travel and have fun too. Because life is shorter than we even think.

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