Open Letter to Evangelist Suro Nyame – By Pastor William Boachie-Ansah

Text: Philemon 1:4-6
I thank my God, making mention of you always in my prayers, hearing of your love and faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and toward all the saints, that the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgment of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.

Dear brother in the Lord,
We thank God for your life. We thank God for raising a ghetto guy who is consumed of the zeal to win souls for God from the ghettos. This is a great task which many Christians find difficult to do. I don’t know you but, its quite recently that I’ve been coming across your videos on Facebook. As a minister with Rastafarian background, I rejoice in the Lord for seeing one of us doing the work of God. I’m waiting for a good opportunity to meet you in person, but it may take long. I’ve therefore decided to write a few things to you with the hope that it may help you to do evangelism much better, so that “sharing of your faith may become effective” just as Paul told Philemon.

1. Don’t attack churches and pastors for not doing things right
From some of your interviews, you seem to be setting yourself against some churches and pastors. Stop it. You need to know more about how churches are run in order to understand the way certain things are done in some churches.

2. Don’t condemn any church for not making ghetto evangelism their priority.
God calls specific people for specific ministries. Its not all churches which may take ministering amount ghetto dwellers as a priority, simply because their leaders may not know how to do it effectively. Souls to be won for the Lord are not only found in ghettos. Some specialize in winning prisoners, businessmen, marginalized ethnic groups etc. if you have the grace to work among ghetto dwellers, doit without condemning others for not preaching in the ghettos. There are other places where you cant preach with results.

3. Don’t condemn fund raising activities of any church
I saw you speaking against taking offerings or collections in the name of God. Pastors don’t tell people that the offering they give are literally taken to God. We tell them that the offerings, tithes and other monies collected in church are used to advance the kingdom of God. In normal churches, all manner of offerings taken are designated towards specified activities. There’s no controversy about that, so don’t attempt to be controversial in such matters. Kicking against church fundraising will become a trap for you because when more people begin to accept your gospel, your financial commitments will also grow and you’ll eventually fall into your own trap.

4. Watch your mouth whenever you grant interviews
I’ve taken much time to listen to some of your interviews, but what I observed was that most of the so called journalists are only interested in helping you to create enmity between you and churches as well as ministers. They are actually using you in executing their negative agenda against the church of God. In an interview, I saw you blasting the church of Pentecost for acquiring heavy evangelistic equipment. I expected the host to educate you on the highly professional nature of the evangelism strategy which is done with such equipment. Yet you were being applauded for being bold enough to blast leaders of the church of Pentecost.
Evangelistic activities like what you are doing in the ghettos require collaboration and external support. It is such evangelistic-minded churches which could help to find sponsors to take care of some of the converts you may win. They may also give you cutting-edge training to enhance your effectiveness. If you allow such bloggers to use you to hit hard against the churches, it will come against you one day.

Well, this is what I have for you for now. At the appropriate time I will add a few.
Stay blessed.
Pastor William Boachie-Ansah

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