How To Prepare Creamy Coleslaw In Less 5 Minutes

How To Prepare Creamy Coleslaw In Less 5 Minutes

In recent times, most people have sought for some of the fastest and healthiest fast foods to prepare in order to save them from intense hunger when they have lots of things to do for the day.

Recently, we have been introduced to some instantly prepared foods that can be consumed anywhere we find ourselves with utmost convenience.

In our part of the world, the most common fast foods consumed include instant noodles, burger and pizza. Though these foods have gained a high level of popularity on the market, it’s safe to say most of them have specific periods they can be consumed if one actually wants to have a healthy dietary routine.

Today, we will be shifting our focus from the usual fast foods we know to one of the healthiest and most appetizing fast-foods and how to get it done irrespective of the ingredients at hand.

Let’s get down to business as I educate readers on some basic steps needed to prepare a sumptuous and healthy coleslaw in less than six minutes.

In preparation of every fast food, one thing that is most needed are ingredients. For the previously mentioned instant, one needs to possess a wide range of ingredients in order to get the best and most nutritious meal.

However, with coleslaw, all you need is a little cabbage, carrot, lettuce, tomatoes, baked beans, salad cream, and sauce.

In preparing this food, you first need to get in hand a mixture of all the vegetables mentioned in the above ingredients. This is can be obtained by slicing all the vegetables into granulated forms for easy mixing.

Afterwards, you add a bit of egg sauce and sardine. Preferably, you can choose to fry egg to make your meal more sumptuous and delicious for consultation.

If it is your aim to enjoy a healthy meal, then you shouldn’t bother addin fried egg to your coleslaw due to the high level of colestrol fried eggs contain.

In relation to this fact, you can simply place a bit of your coleslaw into sliced bread and get a bottle of juice to wash things down while take bites of your coleslaw together with the bread in hand.

Remember, coleslaw is one of the most healthiest fast foods to prepare and it’s nutritional are very beneficial for the human system since it contains lots vegetables and protein in the right proportion.

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