Reasons Why God Might Be Delaying Your Blessings

3 Reasons Why God Might Be Delaying Your Blessings

Blessings are essential benefits the Almighty God uses to deliver most of his servants from abject poverty and suffering. Naturally, ther destined times blessings are showered onto a person’s life.

However, whether or not the Creator will consider showering his blessings on his servant solely depends on the level of readiness the recipient is for the God’s appointed favor and  blessing.

Many at times, most people patiently wait for days anticipating on when the Creator will locate them with his blessings, only to wait in vain seeing absolutely no sign of good fortune directed into their lives.

It could be you are an active worshipper who frequently goes according by the laws of the Almighty God but is running out of patience on the exact moment God’s blessing will finally locate you.

If you know you have fervently prayed to merit a blessing from Creator, then it is possible there is some form of discretely committed sin you are that is preventing God from giving you your share of his gracious reward.

A typical example of such sinful activities is the act of masturbation.
Though physical, masturbation is a spiritual sin that prevents success from locating a person be it a man or a woman.

This self satisfying demonic act places the person in the act in a spiritually unclean state and that could be one major reason why the Creator has turned a deaf ear on your constant request for his blessings.

Another act that could prevent the Creator from blessing you is the attitude of feeling adamant to give out to the poor. As we all know, blessings are reciprocal only to those who extend helping hands to the needy.

In relation to this fact, you should make it habit to extend a financial helping hand to  those in need if you honestly want to merit God’s blessings. The person on the receiving end shouldn’t necessarily be an extended a close relative or a familiar person.

Withoit having in-depth knowledge about the person, you can offer financial help to absolutely anybody irrespective of the information you have about know that person in need.

The third and final obstructive act is your inability to appreciate how far God has brought you in life. Appreciation is one thing God really likes.

As human as we are, there are some days when we feel downhearted after an individual fails to show appreciation when offer them helpor perform an act of kindness to them.

Since we were created in the image and likeness of God, the situation is similar because he equally feels disappointed when we also fail to appreciate him for the everything he has done for us.

This fact remains one major reason why you should be thankful to your the Creator for every little thing he has done in your life in order to merit subsequent blessings from him.

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