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“You’re Using Iphone 12 But Your Room Looks Like Prison” – Lady Ridiculed For Shaming Men Who Use Old Iphone Model (VIDEO)


A lady who is fond of making mockery of guys over their lesser iPhone models other than hers have been exposed and dragged to filth by a man on social media.

In a TikTok video making trending on the internet via a the young lady made quip of men particularly utilizing an iPhone model with a button dissimilar to the new series without one.

In reaction to the video, the unidentified man lambasted the lady for bragging with a phone worth over N500K yet living in a tattered and unkempt house; one which he compared with a prison.

Watch the video below;

Meanwhile, a man who obviously epitomizes romance and love raged an obscure medical clinic to propose to his better half with a bit of class.

The young fellow had somebody holding a bunch of inflatables and different things important to work with his proposition to the one who turns out to be a medical nurse at the hospital when he visited her unannounced.

He appeared at the clinic singing Ed Sheeran’s hit love tune named ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and his enchanting voice combined with his heartfelt signals while he sang the well known tune excited the woman and other health professionals who gathered to observe the uncommon display.

In spite of the fact that she felt timid at first, she began becoming flushed and grinning respectfully as her man set up a show deserving of AGT amazing finale show..

Watch the video below;

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