Seyi Shay Reveals She’s Engaged To Some Guy As She Flaunts Her Diamond Ring – Video


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Singer Seyi Shay has revealed that she’s engaged to some guy as she shows off her diamond ring saying it’s forever as she prepares to tie the knot with this guy of hers.

Seyi Shay in an interview on Beat FM disclosed that she’s engaged when asked about the diamond ring on her finger saying some guy gave it to her and it’s real which means she’s getting married very soon or even sooner than expected.

Seyi Shay sounds excited to be engaged but then claims it’s not the engagement or the guy in her life that is responsible for her recent glow as she’s been glowing herself before the guy came into her life and she wouldn’t have said yes if she wasn’t glowing herself.

It’s a good thing to see Seyi Shay engage and prepare to become someone’s wife but the fact that she referred to the man she’s going to address as her husband as ‘some guy’ isn’t cool and it doesn’t speak well of her either.

We don’t know the relationship she has with her future husband but referring to him as some guy is quite disrespectful of her and this seems to be something some netizens didn’t like about her even though they’re happy she’s engaged.

video below;

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