15th_-_September_Speaks About Aro_Dollar’s_Olorunishola_Blliz

15th September, Speaks about Aro_Dollar’s Olorunishola blliz

On behalf of Naijasoundbaze Media management we wish you,[Aro_Dollar’s Olorunishola_Blliz] a very happy birthday, and wish to tell you the secret to success on your special day. People achieve only what they deserve, and deserve only what they achieve. Always remember, your success depends on you and you alone. Enjoy your day.
With every passing day, comes a change. A change alone, however, is not good enough because, a change can be either good or bad. Change is an obligation that comes with life, so always make good change. Since, only a good change is called an improvement, the rest is only an illusion of improvement. We wish you a very Happy Birthday.
Under and behind and inside, everything you ever take for granted, always remember that something horrible is been growing. Never turn a blind eye towards your responsibilities, and you will always walk on the happy lanes of life. We wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you with faith and courage.

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